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If you’ve used Tathkarti during the past few days, you might have noticed some changes to the price column. Some stroke out red and green numbers. What are they? This is a new experimental feature we are trying out. The stroke out numbers are the last known price for that particular ticket. Since day one, our goal was to help people find the sold out tickets, and find them at best price. Since the reseller market prices moves up and down based on demand and availability, we thought it would be useful for the fans to know the trend, and see where things are going.

Green means the last price was higher, and is now going down. Red however means the price for that ticket is going up. Different scenarios can lead to price changes. For example, when the last Barcelona x Real Madrid match was pushed one day to Monday, prices went down instantly by like a 100 Euro, as many people had their trip plans for Sunday rather than Monday (working day). Also, we notice that prices tend to drop low one or two days before the event, obviously since the sellers want to get rid of the tickets before the event.

A word of notice however is that this feature is still experimental, and we’re working on improving it. Also, it should be clear that the last price is for that specific match section ticket. So if the lowest match ticket was say 50 Euros for Category 4, but Category 4 sold out, and there are only Category 3 tickets, then these Category 4 tickets no longer exist, so we are giving price change for the new lowest (Category 3 in this example), not the previous no longer available Category 4.

We hope you find this new feature useful, be sure to tell your mates about it if you like it, and give us a shout if you have any thoughts

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